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The Church and the Family

The Value of Families to the Church

We all understand that salvation is individual and each person’s relationship with God.

But families is what keeps the church together and represents Jesus walk in this earth along with his “family”, the 12 apostles.

Keeping the Family Together

Families are being attacked on a daily basis as websites that offer fast divorce make going through the dissolution of marriage process easy and for less money than hiring a divorce attorney.

Websites like make filing for divorce so easy I suspect it causes some of our parishioners to jump the gun and call it quits before truly trying to work on their marriage.

Many couples are entering in the holy matrimony with the idea that if things do not work out they can file for divorce and start all over again.

Filing for divorce seems to be something that people take lightly and when the first difficulties show up (like they always do) it seems like instead of pushing through, one or both of the parties decide that filing for divorce is the answer.

News Flash – No Marriage is Perfect

This is so true even for devout Christians. It seems like many church members feel like they are immune to having marital problems or disagreements with their spouse because they follow the Christian faith.

So many of our church members request marital counseling feeling defeated and more ready to throw in the towel than to really working on fixing the marriage. They sit in the chair with hunched shoulders, tears in their eyes or they come with a chip on their shoulder, guns blaring, almost like they are ready for battle and prove they are right and their spouse is wrong.

Hold On A Little Longer

The bible calls us to be patient, to love one another even if we are mad and misunderstood. Waiting the storms in a marriage will make a relationship stronger. The sun comes out everyday, storms pass, it all makes sense in the perfect world God created, why not in your marriage.

Finding A Common Ground

While no one is exactly alike we can find a common ground with each other. Even people that are completely different religions can find something they like about each other; more so a married couple. Focusing on what is not working will make you bitter while focusing on what you love about your spouse will make you feel more secure in your relationship.

Using the Memories to Close the Gap

I always find it interesting when a couple rushes to the courthouse to get married. It’s almost like they are not going be issuing any more marriage licenses and they MUST get their marriage on RIGHT NOW!

Now, do not misunderstand me.

Love is great and all but rushing to the courthouse to get married gives you nothing spiritually to first bless the new union in front of the Holy Church. It also gives the marriage the premise that it’s not worth engaging in the complexities of planning an event this large.

Now, with this said, I don’t mean everyone should spend a giant amount of money, and I have attended many beautiful weddings done on a small budget. And spending more on a wedding does not mean that you are going to have a fantastic marriage for all eternity.

But there is something to be said about having those memories to look back on when things get tough. As you reminiscence on the good times and the emotions of your big day, your stress level will lower and your love for your spouse will help you focus on changing your focus on the negative instead of loving your spouse for what he/she brings to the table.